The Catholic Landvolk Dachau (KLB Dachau)

We, the Catholic Landvolk Dachau, are committed Christians from all occupational groups and social classes, living in the county of Dachau, near Munich /Germany. We want to actively codesign with other likeminded people the life in the country, in the village, in church and in society. We encourage people to take part in their church as well as politics and society. We are open to all those who wish to join us, each religious denomination are wellcome.

Kreuz, Pflug, Baum - das neue Logo der KLB

We organize an intensive education work with courses, seminars and study travels and don't avoid internal ecclesiastical theological discussions. We support the construction of a humanitarian societal structure and are committed to traditional agriculture.
We, therefore,especially support the idea of the regional marketing, which for our group is presently structured in the district of Dachau. We encourage the idea of the fair trade with the so-called Third World.

Contacts to the Landvolk Dachau
Werner Götz, Hermann-Stockmann-Str.11, 85256 Vierkirchen, Tel. 08139-6833

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